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Personal and Executive Coaching

A Personal and Executive Coach is...

...your thought partner in achieving your business and personal goals; your trainer in communication and life skills;

your sounding board when making decisions; your cheerleader when times are tough; your motivation when actions are called for; your unconditional support when taking a hit; your focus factor when you can't see the light; and a curious and encouraging person helping you to achieve what matters to you.

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Coaching will help you to:

  • To act more decisively
  • To set plans and goals and follow through
  • To be less dominating, sharing responsibilities and appreciating team differences
  • To manage time effectively
  • To delegate more frequently
  • To value diversity
  • To create alliances
  • To build effective teams
  • To set and achieve career or educational goals
  • To attain more effective interview techniques
  • To smooth "rough edges" and to be more tactful
  • To be more assertive
  • To be more generous
  • To think more strategically
  • To develop a broader perspective
  • To increase confidence
  • To have a toolbox of effective communication skills
  • To become an admired, strong, effective leader
  • To be flexible in your leadership skills for the times at hand
  • To get your game face on