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Role of Hypnotherapy in our
Florida Family Therapy Center

Thank you for your interest in hypnotherapy at Family Matters Center in Coral Springs, Florida. Family therapy and individual counseling can sometimes be more effective with the use of this powerful method.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Helps change habits such as:

  • excessive eating
  • smoking
  • fears
  • sleeplessness
  • stress
  • "stuckness"

Root issues or internal conflicts are resolved so that positive patterns of behavior rather than negative patterns of behavior begin to evolve.

Helps promote:

  • Motivation
  • Self confidence
  • Concentration
  • Goal setting
  • Learning enhancement
  • Rapid Trauma Resolution

Two of the main components of the human psyche are the conscious mind, which is the thinking, rational side, and the unconscious mind, which works behind the scenes without us actively thinking about it and becomes automatic.

Family therapy primarily works with the conscious mind by solving problems and enhancing relationships.

Hypnotherapy, which accesses both the conscious and the unconscious mind, can sometimes help counseling progress faster.

Theoretically, the subconscious mind is actually larger than the conscious mind yet it is not fully utilized by many people. The subconscious mind deals with matters of memory and experience, accepting the input without judgment. Messages or memories are retained from our backgrounds, whether they are experiential, genetic, social or religious. The subconscious mind interprets this input very literally. It is the source of our creativity, and directs many of our physical activities, such as breathing, simultaneously.

The ways in which information is stored in the subconscious are:

  • 1. Through repetition, such as learning to tie your shoes. You practice so many times until it becomes automatic and is now embedded in the subconscious mind.
  • 2. Blind acceptance of an authority's statement. For example: the belief that the Ten Commandments represent the correct way to live, or unconsciously following the rules or values stated by a parent or friend.
  • 3. Sudden painful experience or fear, such as burning your finger with fire and subsequently retaining the instinct to avoid touching it, or traumatic experiences, such as disasters, abuse, neglect, etc.

Many human stresses, anxieties, habits, beliefs and attitudes can be traced to an original interpretation of the subconscious mind that has led to automatic behaviors. When explored or uncovered in therapy, some of these interpretations are revealed to be incorrect, misconstrued, no longer useful, or no longer necessary for survival, and they can be changed. The puzzle of misbeliefs can be unlocked and rearranged. Hypnotherapy helps get through to the individual when there are personal blocks or conflicts between the unconscious and the conscious mind. The unconscious mind can also be used beneficially through habitual visualization of your goals. By allowing both parts of the psyche to work together, you greatly improve your chances of success.

Before engaging in hypnotherapy you must learn what it is and what it isn't. Hypnotherapy is not mind control. It is a natural ability that anyone can perform. It is a form of relaxed concentration, similar to the way in which we are able to completely focus on a favorite TV show or video game while tuning out all other distractions. After exploring your beliefs and discovering what you feel comfortable with, you and your therapist can discuss your interests and goals and work with together to achieve them by incorporating hypnotherapy into your individual treatment or couples counseling.